Well, Instead of all the antics that a bored mind can think of before boarding a Flight, why not Network and build business?


At the airport I have seen restless travelers turn in their seats when the entryway specialist makes a declaration before they make a distraught scramble to be the first on the plane.

Subsequent to being told boarding would start in the blink of an eye, the voyagers snatch their hand baggage and dash towards the entryway, pushing past each other and jumping over seats in the takeoff lounge.

Rather than framing a deliberate line, they shape a group at the entryway, keeping a lady in a wheelchair from boarding first or maybe pushing an elderly gentleman aside!!

There are even funnier things! Like pretending to be pregnant or showing that you are going to swoon and drop!!

Well, all these are antics that only a bored and empty mind can think off!

So we are here to rescue you!

The FLYGHT CLUB app not only helps you connect with people of your same field of interest but also helps you increase your Network and build relations! Download the app and know who is in your flight! Have a coffee with them and grow your business while you wait to board the plane instead of all those funny fiasco’s!

Flyght Club is the travelling businessman’s bestfriend!

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