So Much to be Thankful for

As we at FlyghtClub tie up loose ends at the office to prepare for the upcoming holiday, our hearts go out to the children across the globe who might not have a warm meal this Thanksgiving, or a safe place to sleep.

Since 2009 we have had the privilege of sponsoring boys and girls from all over the world. These children live in poverty. Sponsorship provides them with basic necessities such as sturdy shoes, a warm meal and clothing.

The CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL program ensures that these kids have proper healthcare, education, and nutrition.

At FlyghtClub we believe in corporate social responsibility, and it is our passion to serve others in need.

As we sit with our families at the dinner table tomorrow, we will think of sweet Keisy from Columbia, energetic Anelka from Zambia, beautiful Behily from Honduras, lovable Kevin from Guatemala, four year old Maria from Columbia, and scholarly Srabani in India.

We are thankful for these beautiful children, so pure of heart, and the kind people at CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL for providing the opportunity for us to spread the love this holiday season.

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