Man Finds His Doppelganger Aboard Plane



You heard it correctly. Neil Thomas Douglas boarded a flight to Galway and found a man sitting in his seat. He immediately noticed that the passenger had striking resemblance to himself. The two men, and the surrounding passengers, got a good laugh out of the ordeal.

The twinsies took a selfie to document the moment while entertained passengers “photo-bombed” in the background.

After the flight the two were blown away to discover that they were both checking into the same hotel. The coincidences didn’t stop there. Later on they bumped into each other again at a Pub!

What are the chances? With the new FLYGHTCLUB application, for IOS and Android, you can increase the odds of finding your doppelganger. The application allows users to connect with people on the same flight, or others waiting at the airport.

Just think! You could find your brother from another mother, or sister from another mister while waiting on a delayed flight. FLYGHTCLUB also helps you store all of your flight information in one place on your phone.

The possibilities are endless. Business professionals and leisure travelers are using FLYGHTCLUB to make friends, learn more about the region they are traveling to, and as a way to schedule meetings with new potential clients.

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