I got 99 problems but Flying Ain’t One !

As the most popular rap singer says – I got 99 problems. In today’s world even the simplest tasks can turn into an all day affair.  Luckily, we can install systems in our lives to help make everything run just a bit more efficiently.

Let’s look at one potential hassle -Flying, or the airport in general.

The journey is just as important as the destination.

We can’t promise you that the airport security won’t throw out your shampoo, or that you won’t contract athlete’s foot from standing barefoot waiting for the metal detectors…BUT we still think we can improve upon your flying experience.


Travelers are prepared to accept delays, wait in long lines to get on to the flight and even apologize to the stewardess for asking a bottle of water.

Percentage of flights delayed in USA – 2015                                       Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics



This is going to change and change in a big way.  Going through the pains of flying, we came up with an idea to make flying more fun and beneficial.  Hence FLYGHT CLUB was born. A new app that is designed to connect people while travelling on the same flight.

Instead of waiting at the airport gate to rush in to get into your seats, or sit a bar alone while the flight is delayed, why not turn it into an opportunity to connect, meet and network with a potential business connection, or a future date.

FlyghtClub is the new and exciting social media app that provides an exclusive platform to connect with others heading to your destination and on the same flight.  Connections can be made before, during or after the flight by simply creating your profile via Facebook, Linkedin or personal profile.  This new social media app creates new opportunities for the suitcase dweller, as it opens new avenues to build the business or personal relationships.

FlyghtClub is the first app designed to accommodate the social needs of airline passengers. The connection can be made beforehand, at the airport, on the flight or at a later stage.  Every traveler around the world can use FlyghtClub to Connect with potential business partners or contacts based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

It’s simple! Sign up with your Facebook or LinkedIn account or simply create a new account. Log in and browse your flight or add your flight with flight number. That’s it!!! Start networking with like-minded passengers in your flight, connect by sending a message directly to their email to set up face-to-face meeting. You can also talk to the passenger of your flight on a public wall. This will allow you to develop good conversations, Business relationships and more.

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