How I Did Not Waste Time by Waiting in Long Queues At Airports

Long Queues At Airports ?

Long Queues At Airports

Let’s be realistic, air terminals now a days are synonymous to long lines and hold up times. Right from the time you are dropped off to the time you are picked up at the destination you are sitting tight in line for quite a while. Long Queues at Airports at the registration counters, well security (TSA) ought to be viewed as more than simply holding up. I at times think, individuals age by simply waiting to get through the security due to the long lines, worrying that you will be called for a special checking routine and that you might get searched in broad daylight. At that point obviously the lines, segments and isolation of gatherings, first class individuals to load onto the flight.

Notwithstanding every one of these lines, there is waiting time and long lines for you to try and get some espresso. This is where I was rescued by a cool innovative application FLYGHT CLUB. It a social networking app that lets folks on the same flight to connect and network and more importantly be able to pre-order food/drinks ahead of time.

Here is my trip in detail by the minute.

June 30th – 1:30 PM EST:

Requested for an Uber to make a beeline for the airplane terminal. Considering it to be a holiday weekend, chose to call it 10 mins early.

1:33 PM

Uber request was acknowledged by Elaijan and was about to come in 7 mins. Surprisingly sooner than I expected. That is the excellence of Uber contrasted with bringing in a Taxi.

1:35 PM

Checked in on FLYGHT CLUB application. I sent my mobile boarding pass to the application to populate my flight data including the flight number, airplane terminals and times. Immediately searched through the profiles of different travelers. Discovered couple of other kindred explorers and immediately associated with 2 people who could be my potential clients. With some speedy presentations and initial greetings we chose to meet at the bar Tigin Irish Pub  right by our door at the airplane terminal.

1:38 PM

Elijan arrived directly before the office building, in a spotless and clean Toyota Prius. With a major grin he opened the storage compartment to put in my luggage. Within 2 mins we were on our way towards the airport. Had a great ride with Elijan, discussed the holiday weekend, his profession as an environmental specialist and how much he loves driving Uber and the chance to meet new people.

1:45 PM

While talking with Elijan, quickly searched through the rundown of bars and eateries by door A14 at the airplane terminal. I selected the bar where I decided to meet fellow traveler and potential clients. In light of his name, recognized that the new association I was meeting was Irish so felt free to reserve a spot for two and pre-ordered few beverages utilizing FLYGHT CLUB.

2:00 PM

Arrived at the curb of American Airlines. Again with a big smile, Elijan dropped me off, expressing gratitude towards me and wishing me an amazing holiday weekend.

2:05 PM

Strolled through the wide open airplane terminal entry, taking a gander at holiday travelers attempting to check-in their baggage. People were not upbeat to hold up in Long Security Checks or Long Queues At Airports before their adventure began. It looked like they were not enjoying this start of holidays waiting in queues!

2:07 PM

The feared TSA security check. Was very frustrated to see around 100 people in front of me, dragging their baggage, anxious faces, with practically no grins, going through the winding paths and intersecting each other every 5 mins. It took more than 20 mins to get to the TSA agent to show my identity card and the boarding pass on my phone.

2:35 PM

Dragged my luggage, laptop, shoes and all from the belt to make a beeline for the door.

2:40 AM

Strolled straight into the bar, where a table for two was reserved. Thank god for no waiting time or standing in line to get into the bar. Time spared and made a great impression with Mr Dylan Bryan as he strolled into the bar.

After few tastes of lager and quick introductions and background, understood that his organization is in desperate need of our software services. Without any long sales pitch, we agreed on a project for us to provide business software optimization services. With this quick sale and potential for a long term project, I realized that I can easily meet my sales quota for this quarter. In festivity of this achievement, requested another beverage for the two of us. What an amazing start to my holiday!

2:45 PM

Again the feared line to load onto the plane. Sitting tight for my group to be called, while before me were all the “elite” status individuals including platinum, gold, silver, bronze and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

2:50 PM

As I settled in my seat and got prepared to “turn-off” cell phones according to the flight orderly guidelines, I see an alert pop-up on my phone. I open to see the FLYGHT CLUB application. There was a message from Mr Dylan Suggesting that we had to do this project not just for a local team but for the global team.  Bam – additional scope, longer project and MORE revenues. Thanked him for the opportunity and was looking forward to execute the project.

While in the flight, traded a couple of message with Mr Dylan, including his leisure activities, family, favorite team and that’s just the beginning. Understood that we are enormous enthusiasts of Dallas Cowboys which made our business relationship more grounded and strong.

So after all the situation of waiting in long lines and the horrible experience of flying, the silver coating was utilizing the FLYGHT CLUB application to make an incredible association, impression and bringing in new business.


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