Flyght Club to the Rescue!

Flyght Club to the Rescue

Did that just happen? Was Kelly Hoggan, The Transportation Administration’s Head of Security, really removed from his position?! Wow!! Well Well, Flying can be nerve wrecking for some!! The long queues at the airport security’s checkpoint was one of the reason he was removed.

Well, I personally think that people love traveling but hate flying! And the reason I think so is because flying can be taxing, boring and exhausting!! But man always has a solution for any problem!! And the solution for this really annoying problem is FLYGHT CLUB, a new Social Networking app!

It is normal to read tweets about packed planes, lost time on the landing area, terrible client service, and so forth. Most modern communication about flying is adverse and consequently a great many people view flying as an essential nuisance.

A new traveling app for explorers is hoping to change that negative connotation. Flyght Club will probably draw in advanced gathering of people and convey back the social experience to flying. Flyght club is particularly intended for flyers and is the primary IOS and Android application built to associate travelers on the same flight. Associate with kindred travelers on a particular flight. Before the flight maybe have a cup of coffee or grab a sandwich! In the flight have a conversation about your businesses!! Network on your own terms and take full advantage of the time that you have to spend on the airplane.

What is more beneficial, connecting with a potential client while en-route to the convention or reviewing your sales deck 10 times? Reach out to that client through Flyght Club’s chat feature and set up a time to meet at the event before their schedule is maxed out or better yet arrange to share Uber to the convention center.

Almost 500 people were stranded on May 15 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when long lines prevented travelers from catching flights. Well if they had Flyght Club on their phones, I think their wait would have accounted for something!!

Flyght Club was not built only for business voyagers; each explorer worldwide can utilize the application to interface with potential business accomplices, companions or contacts in light of your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Hoping to share a taxi? Send a message on the public forum of Flyght Club. Does someone on your flight look cute and you want to buy them a drink? Make a date via Flyght Club. Notice another family traveling on your plane?  Ask them for tips on traveling with kids through Flyght Club.  Flyght Club starts conversations, builds relationships and makes traveling social, on your terms.

Flyght Club’s unique features has also helped a lot of airlines in managing and controlling the crowd before boarding. It has helped life of the Cabin crew become easy as people are busy making new connections and networking.

So when I read the news I was left wondering, if Flyght Club had been in use extensively would Kelly Hogan have still had a job??

Sign up for Flyght club today and in two short steps you can begin your networking and change your in-flight experience until the end of time and also make the airport staffs life easier

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