Flyght Club, Tinder for the Sky?

Every time I give a presentation in front of a large crowd someone inevitably raises their hand with the same old question,

“So is Flyght Club kind of like the Tinder of the Sky?”

To them I say not just no, but hell no. Tinder is notorious for being primarily a hookup site. Flyght Club takes an entirely different direction. The new app is designed for the business traveler. The purpose of this networking tool is to connect business professionals on the same flight and at the airport. In some industries travel is unavoidable. If a passenger is stuck waiting on a delayed flight, or doing an overnight for a convention in Los Angeles we want to give them options to meet other travelers. So far all of the other social networking apps are marketing themselves as “dating apps.” What if you don’t want a date? What if you just want great conversation? Flyght Club allows you to interact with other like-minded individuals, same sex or otherwise, without all of the negative stigmas.

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