About us 

The future of social networking for business travelers is here. Revolutionize your travel experience with Flyght Club and network with fellow passengers before, during and after your next flight! With our technology, we will connect you with new prospects, potential clients or partnerships. This app-enabled network will give you the ability to expand your reach to a cold market or possibly a new city/state. Enough with social media conversations that don’t end up with a 1on1 conversation. Flyght Club gives you the unique opportunity to meet with everyone you connect with through our app prior to, or during your time at the airport.

With so many long lines and hectic situations during your travels, saving a few minutes at the airport could make all the difference. Features such as ‘Grab-n- Go’ will allow you to save time by pre-ordering food at the airport before or after your flight. Nobody enjoys waiting in line; as a business traveler there are always more important tasks you could cross off your list. Instead of waiting in line, pre-order your food and simply walk up, grab your food, and go! Use your saved time to network with others around you by using our “nearby” feature, or arrive at your previously-arranged appointment with a fellow passenger.

It is our passion to help travelers save time and help create a more enjoyable journey for everyone. We are here to change the aviation industry for the better and bring a new age of travel into the marketplace with “social aviation”.


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