7 Tips for Air Travel With Small Children

Between security checks, customs and delays, the airport can be a stressful environment. Add small children to the fiasco, and you’ve got yourself a challenge! Here are some useful tips to help make travel more pleasant for everyone.

1.Plan ahead. Be sure to buy tickets to theme parks and shows before you leave town. Spontaneity is a luxury that few parents can afford. Long lines and inflated prices can make mom, dad and baby need a timeout.

2.Bring Snacks. Not only will chewing help little ones depressurize their ears during ascending and descending, it will give your picky eaters options while on board.

3.Don’t forget their favorite blanky! Airplanes rarely offer blankets on short flights, yet the cabins are as cold as ever.

4.Encourage children to carry their own weight, literally. Pack a small backpack for them to tote their toys and snacks in. This will help them feel in control, even in an unfamiliar environment.

5.Take your time. Arrive to the airport even earlier than you usually would. If there are any unforeseen circumstances you will stay calm, probably.

6.Keep it simple. Make sure that everyone wears shoes that are easy to slip on and off in the security checkpoints. Shoe laces are a definite no-no for kids who are too small to tie their own laces.

7.Go app happy. Download a ton of apps using your home wifi before you leave. You can find fun games for children of all ages.

The FlyghtClub mobile app is available on Android and IOS. We recommend entering your flight information long before takeoff. You will then be able to chat with other families headed to your destination. Going to Disney World? Schedule a play date at the Magic Kingdom and take your vacation to the next level.

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