5 tips to help you network while you travel

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Here are 5 tips that will help you network with fellow passengers while you travel!

Tip 1:     Network with passengers in your related flight

There’s no need to be limited to the passenger sitting next to you, when you can network with every passenger on the plane! Avoid awkward conversations or embrace them! No matter the type of person you are, use this opportunity to leverage your time to make connections with people who may have the same interests as you! The best tool to network with people isn’t linked in for this situation, instead use Flyght Club for your best solution!

Tip 2:     Looking for Dates and not business partners?

Don’t make the same mistake as coca cola and delta airlines with the napkin scandal. There’s no need to be creepy when approaching your flight crush. Instead, take the opportunity to network with people who already have the same idea with websites like App In the Air. Romance and friendships can happen at any given moment and airports aren’t limited to that ideology. You never know just what you might miss!

Tip 3:     Order food ahead of time to leverage your spare time to network with people

Long security and food lines can be a hassle when arriving to the airport and may set you back on your routine or desired flight meals before taking board. What you can do to avoid these set backs is order food ahead of time while you drive or uber to the airport! If you’re not a breakfast person, why not order your meal as you wait for passengers to exit the flight? Your meal will be ready once you exit your flight.

Tip 4:     Don’t eat alone

Use the spared time you created for yourself to network with people and plan ahead of time to follow up with lunch or dinner as opportunities to meet someone new. Apps like Flyght Club can help you leverage those connections to reach the next step to take action on opportunities of meeting someone new.

Tip 5:     Take Action

Ever been to a concert and wondered where all these people have been to fangirl with you over the same taste in music? Or attended a business startup week and wanted to network with everyone but only have that single event to embrace the opportunity but not enough time? Don’t be limited to your environment, you can take action at any moment! Airports don’t have to be an excuse, instead it can be an opportunity! Network with fellow travelers using apps like Linked In, Facebook or Flyght Club where security at airports makes it safe to meet people in person!

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