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Join our network of business travelers to connect with other professionals before, during or after your next flight.

About Us

Flyght Clubs’ founder, a frequent business traveler, noticed many ways that aviation travel could be improved. There was nothing out there like Flyght Club so he created it. Now, with his vision, we are passionate about helping every business traveler have a more enjoyable and efficient travel experience.



Network with fellow passengers and leverage time to build connections.


pre-order food at the airport before or after your flight

Flight Tracking

Scan your boarding pass and track your flights

Two Smartphones-25 A Dynamic Networking App for Travelers

Connect with fellow passengers before, during or after your flight!
Exchange travel information/arrangements perhaps share a ride or,

Find others in your profession and set up business meetings at the airport to find new clients and business partners.

Imagine the possibilities!!

Group Foreground Selected Filled-25 Targeted Audience

Every traveler around the world can use Flyght Club to connect with potential business partners, friends or contacts based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Appointment Reminders Filled-25 Be informed. Always!

Flyght Club email notifications will inform you in real time about other interesting flight passengers around you and vice versa.

(i.e. someone checked out your profile, sent you a message, or interesting passengers checked in or nearby your Airport).

I&A Platform

FlyghtClub is available on Android and IOS devices with ability to add your flight. It can be customized as per traveler requirements.

Upcoming Features

Chat Bot

Order food via chat bot

Duty Free Shopping

Save time and do your duty free shopping via Flyght Club!

Robot Food Delivery

Pre order food to be delivered to you at the gate


Find who else is on plane from your extended linkedin network

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